Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Adventures of an Inventor

by Blake

Chapter 1

Crime Fighting Robot

The year is 2110. A well known scientist and inventor named Dr. Carter James was at T.P.I.A. ( Top Police Inventions Association) to show his newest invention to a board of scientists and inventors like himself.

He pulled the cover off his invention to reveal a black metal robot. In large letters on the front of the robot was the word RO-MO. From the papers given to the board earlier, they had read that RO-MO was a crime-fighting robot. RO-MO had a shiny new laser gun that looked like it could stop anything.

Dr. James turned on RO-MO and something happened. The robot spun around and around blasting its laser gun at everything in sight. Dr. James ran toward the robot to shut it off, but RO-MO grabbed Dr. James and threw him at a desk. RO-MO blasted the door off its hinges and went into the streets.

After RO-MO had left, Dr. James jumped up. Thankfully nobody was hurt. Dr. James ran out the door grabbing a laser gun while he was at it. As Dr. James sped down the streets on a hyper moter bike, he thought of all the destrution RO-MO could cause while on the loose. He had built RO-MO for crime-fighting, but now it was more of a crime-making robot.

Dr. James pulled his G.P.S. and decided that his robot would probably head for an alley and then would move to a more well known street.

Just then Dr. James saw flames shooting upward two alleys over from his present location. Dr. James knew it was RO-MO's handiwork. When he got there he saw RO-MO heading for main street just as Dr. James had thought. RO-MO had been in a alley and now he was for a well known street.

Dr. James sped down the burning alley in pursuit of RO-MO. Just then he heard a cracking sound and a lot of burning rubbish fell from the burning building. It crashed a few feet in front of him he swerved quickly but he swerved so quick that he lossed control of his hyper bike. He jumped just in time to avoid slamming into the building with the hyper bike.

Now that his hyper bike was useless he continued on foot. Dr. James reached Main street. RO-MO had his back turned to Dr. James. Dr. James pulled out his lazer gun. But RO-MO wheeled around and shot the lazer gun out of Dr. James' hand! RO-MO grabbed Dr. James in a bone crushing grip. Dr. James thought it was all over but then he remembered his newest protection device. Thankfully he had it with him and hadn't installed it on RO-MO. He grabbed out the P.P.D.D. or P2 D2 ( Personal Protection Destructive Device). He pressed a button on it and a high-intensity gravity field lazer fired and blasted RO-MO's main computing module. RO-MO's camera computer "eyes" turned from red to black. RO-MO's grip loosened and dropped Dr. James. RO-MO crashed to the ground and broke into a million pieces. Dr. James had won!